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halloween '07

Ack! I've been searching through all my photos from the past couple of weeks, and I think I forgot to take a picture of Kaylie in her chicken Halloween costume! How is that possible? Darn stomach flu messed us up.... guess I'll have to throw the chicken suit on her tomorrow. ;)

Jack started off as a farmer... to go with the Kaylie chicken, BUT he REALLY wanted to be a car.

A CAR? Yes, a car. A racecar driver? Nope, a car.

Jack: Mommy, after you pick me up from school today, we can get some newspaper and make me a car costume. I really want to be a car. Yeah. Okay?

Well, lucky for Jack, I just happened to have a big cardboard box in the garage. So at 4pm we cut out a car, painted, got a license plate and voila... a car. I gave him 2 choices on his clothes to wear under the costume and he asked, "Do racecar drivers wear ski bibs?" Uh, kind of. :) And let me tell you how this was so NOT a a trick-or-treating friendly costume to wear...think stairs...we've got lots in our neighborhood. And despite tripping a zillion times and carrying the costume, he still was happy to be a car and not a farmer.

Uh... back later with some chicken pictures. ;)


Alicia C* said...

you are so creative it kills me!

PNG said...

Wow! What a great car costume. It reminded me of a kid in Maria's K class last year who asked his Dad to make a zamboni costume for him for Nat'l. Book Week. Each kid picks a book and then dresses up as the character. His book was "Z is for Zamboni". Same concept, lots of cardboard and lots of tape. I love your car...and, of course, the lic. plate is so awesome! This is the stuff that makes these kids love us!! Same reason I'm sewing pilgrim costumes for the girl's Thanksgiving play.:)