greetings from sunny (and foggy) los angeles, ca

Hi, I'm heather. I like taking pictures. I take a lot of them. I stay up way too late. I wake up with my kids way too early (for me). Though slowly I'm learning that sleep is good.

I love photographing newborns, toddlers, kids (I've got two of my own), families, name it! Large groups and weddings make me way too nervous, but I'd be happy to refer you to other photographers in the area.

I love to hear your comments, so feel free to add to my blog by posting. Having a hard time remembering "umami?" Well, I wanted a name that would be easy to remember, spell and find, but apparently I did none of that, so if you'd like to get emails when I post, just add your email to the "subscribe here" box... you'll be the first to find out when I'll be offering mini sessions and other specials!

have a happy day... heather


happy valentine's day!

I am the first to admit that I am awful about remembering birthdays, sending cards and doing all those celebratory things that elementary school teachers seem to excel at. I still haven't figured out what we're taking to jack's preschool party tomorrow and we haven't filled out the valentine cards yet. But here it is...1am and I'm still working on the computer.

My very organized teacher friend Amy, brought handmade valentines to the park today to give to kaylie and jack.... heart pencil attached and everything!
So here's my holiday offering. This morning I set out some markers and construction paper for the kids while I got a quote from the tree trimmer guy. A few mintues alone with some markers (thank goodness for the washable kind) and this is what we have... not the best pics (or collage), but they documented the situation.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!


PNG said...

Yep, that's what happens!! My little "events" - art events - with the kids are very controlled, shall I say.;) The collage is cute and hey, I like the pics of you, hot U-Mama!!

Happy Valentine's Day, BTW. And even though we homeschool, we still got a load of Valentine's that I thought I was going to be free of this year. Not a chance.:(

umami photography said...

Ha! You're too funny Grace. Those pics of me are pretty bad...good thing the image is so small. I had some issues lining myself up with the camera. ;)