greetings from sunny (and foggy) los angeles, ca

Hi, I'm heather. I like taking pictures. I take a lot of them. I stay up way too late. I wake up with my kids way too early (for me). Though slowly I'm learning that sleep is good.

I love photographing newborns, toddlers, kids (I've got two of my own), families, name it! Large groups and weddings make me way too nervous, but I'd be happy to refer you to other photographers in the area.

I love to hear your comments, so feel free to add to my blog by posting. Having a hard time remembering "umami?" Well, I wanted a name that would be easy to remember, spell and find, but apparently I did none of that, so if you'd like to get emails when I post, just add your email to the "subscribe here" box... you'll be the first to find out when I'll be offering mini sessions and other specials!

have a happy day... heather


hyjinks around the house

So while I've been a little preoccupied lately trying to get this small business up and running, the kids have been enjoying a little extra freedom around the house.

Jack found one of my old swim caps the other day. I'm really surprised that it was still in good shape and not covered in cracks and cobwebs (please excuse the toilet paper roll coming out of his ear).

And Kaylie. Kaylie, Kaylie, Kaylie. She's got some big girl undies that say "Little Miss Giggles" on them (thanks Target), only Kaylie thinks it's funny to call them her "Little Miss Gobbles" undies. That's just the kind of crazy girl Kaylie is. Here's a picture of her today... caught her red-handed!!!

But not to worry, before the sharpies and scissors come out, I grab the kids and spend some good one on one time with them. Earlier in the week Jack and I wrote a little play date invitation to his buddy Max.


Sarah R. said...

Hey! Have I told you how much I love the website yet? It looks great (and not just because Cooper and I are represented!!). I'm sooo looking forward to actually paying you a fee! (Does that make me crazy?) it was great seeing you last week. Thanks for the great pictures.

Oh, and I'm working on my facebook page:)


umami photography said...

Thanks lady! Cooper does play a key roll on the website. :) Come out and visit us anytime! And yes, get that facebook page going... it only takes a second.