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Hi, I'm heather. I like taking pictures. I take a lot of them. I stay up way too late. I wake up with my kids way too early (for me). Though slowly I'm learning that sleep is good.

I love photographing newborns, toddlers, kids (I've got two of my own), families, name it! Large groups and weddings make me way too nervous, but I'd be happy to refer you to other photographers in the area.

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have a happy day... heather



ttv? teletubbie television? the ten-person van? totally tubular vespa? teeny tiny vampire?

nope, it stands for Through The Viewfinder. And it's this big thing on flickr now. People are buying up old dual lens cameras (uh, I had to look up what that was) and basically using a macro lens on their digital slr camera, they're taking a picture of/through the viewfinder (where you would normally put your eye up to the camera to look through) of one of the old cameras. You get this dark edged image with lots of dust specks and some discoloration. Anyway, I love the old school feeling of it and I think I might have to find me one of these old cameras. Well, until then, I'm just going to fake it with a little photoshop.

Here's the link that opened my eyes to this cool look:

Tara Whitney's photo blog. I LOVE her photo collage that she made for her wall... hm... where can I put one of those?

If you want to learn how to make your ttv set up: Russ Morris is your man.

And if you want to learn how to fake it with a photoshop layer, there's a huge group on flickr that can help you. For this photo I used a layer from mhigginsh.

Off to jack's school... it's his last day of preschool! ...what am I going to do with both kids all summer! help! ;)


Anonymous said...

I enjoy seeing your blog everyday!! xx, Diana

umami photography said...

Hi Diana!!! Jack's out of school now so we'll have to meet up again one of these days soon.

Alicia C* said...

I saw this on Tara's blog too. I am not a texture girl but I do like these.