greetings from sunny (and foggy) los angeles, ca

Hi, I'm heather. I like taking pictures. I take a lot of them. I stay up way too late. I wake up with my kids way too early (for me). Though slowly I'm learning that sleep is good.

I love photographing newborns, toddlers, kids (I've got two of my own), families, name it! Large groups and weddings make me way too nervous, but I'd be happy to refer you to other photographers in the area.

I love to hear your comments, so feel free to add to my blog by posting. Having a hard time remembering "umami?" Well, I wanted a name that would be easy to remember, spell and find, but apparently I did none of that, so if you'd like to get emails when I post, just add your email to the "subscribe here" box... you'll be the first to find out when I'll be offering mini sessions and other specials!

have a happy day... heather


happy halloween!

Halloween schedule:
9am Jack basketball
10am Kaylie soccer
10am-1pm 5 year old birthday party
1-4pm party at the rec center
5:30 trick-or-treating
6:30 neighborhood Halloween party we crashed
7:00 more trick-or-treating
9pm bed

Whew! And then almost as a joke, they (who is "they" anyway?) make day light savings the night of Halloween so the next day is the longest in history. lol. Well, we spent most of Nov 1st at the beach enjoying the low tide and company of friends also suffering from sugar-excess and lack of sleep. It actually was a fantastic time. BBQ'd some burgers with Dad and the day was done.

The kids got to keep 10 pieces of candy and put the rest out for "The Great Pumpkin" last night. The eagerly woke up and checked out what he left them this morning. Jack was super excited to find a Fly Wheel (some toy that shoots a wheel out) but Kaylie was not so excited. She remembered that The Great Pumpkin brought her some dress up butterfly wings last year and thought he would be giving her some sparkly new ones this year... The Fancy Nancy tag book was not what she had in mind. I tried videotaping the kids' reactions, but realized as soon as the drama was over, that I had pressed the bleeping pause button instead of the record button. Rats!

Anyway... her are some pics from our day...

power rangers! meet jungle fury

u-c-l-a - fight fight fight!

snarky face


amy said...

love em all!!! as usual!

Diana said...

BTW, great pic of Sarah! Mary and Julie must be thrilled.

Anonymous said...

Heh, did Kaykay get a haircut? Looks cute!

Grandma Suzy

Marianne said...

Too freaking cute!!!