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I love photographing newborns, toddlers, kids (I've got two of my own), families, name it! Large groups and weddings make me way too nervous, but I'd be happy to refer you to other photographers in the area.

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happy 5th of july!

I'm pretty sure I heard fireworks going off again tonight, so I figured I'd post some pics of our July 4th before it turns into August 4th. First off though, I'd like to give a big thank you to all the service men and women (and their families) sacrificing for our country. We want you to come home soon!

For the first time we went to our neighborhood parade. Woo hoo! Nothing like a parade to get you in the 4th of July spirit. Not in the spirit yet? Well, how about some cotton candy, US flags, an ice mocha, frozen lemonade and 2 chocolate milks from starbucks, lawn chairs on the sidewalk (hey, how'd all those starbucks drinks got in there...ahem), clowns, bands... you get the idea!

4 skydivers kicked off the parade. The first guy was coming down so fast and furious we thought for sure he was going to wrap himself around the tree or street signal. Whew...they all had safe landings right in front of where I was waiting for my ice mocha. :)

That would be Mrs.Cunningham (Happy Days) sporting the matching hair/car combo.

After the parade we somehow managed to drag back to our car (parked 1/2 a mile away) 2 kids, 1 stroller, 4 heavy folding chairs, 2 flags, a backpack, camera bag and beach umbrella. And did I mention I was wearing jeans? So hot! Anyway, after some naps we headed back out to catch the fireworks show. Of course we had to arrive 2 hours early to get a parking spot (or so we thought), so we took the kids out for a little evening hike.

Playing around with long exposures and my flash.

This is currently Kaylie's favorite dress. It's a hand-me-down from her cousin. They need to make all clothes like this...she gets it filthy and then I just throw it in the wash and voila, it's clean again! Okay, no comments on the least it's growing!

ISO 1600, Aperture 2.8, Shutter speed 20 seconds (hmmm...wonder if that's why it's a little blurry?) Actually it was completely dark out since we were watching the fireworks.

What happens when you can't figure out how to focus on fireworks...

Ah, now I got it...

and if you move the camera while shooting fireworks with a 2 second exposure...

Okay, so it's after midnight and here I am looking on youtube to see if there's any video from the coolest fireworks show I've ever seen - Kaboom sponsored by KFOG in San Francisco. Well, what do you know... love this song, so here you go!

And if you can't get enough of fireworks... here's a video of Kaboom from 2005.

**As I update this, Matt and Jack are out in the backyard in a tent camping!

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cindie said...

Kay-Kay is just the cutest! Love how she just has the most expressive face!