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I love photographing newborns, toddlers, kids (I've got two of my own), families, name it! Large groups and weddings make me way too nervous, but I'd be happy to refer you to other photographers in the area.

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Cal Bears family || family photographer pacific palisades

On Saturday I got to see our old friends Al and Mireya for the second time in two weeks! Last weekend they were in on Matt's plan (along with about 40 other friends and their kids) to surprise me for my 29th birthday. What? You don't believe I'm 29? LOL... maybe I need to work on my crowsfeet-removing Photoshop skillz. Okay, okay... let me do the math... oh, it was my 33rd. Anyway, they sure did surprise me! Matt won some major brownie points and I think he may be put in charge of all future party planning - taco guy making fresh tacos in our front patio, 3 cakes, party favors for the kids, even a new engagement ring for me. (Did I mention I dropped my circa 1920 diamond ring in the Pacific Ocean a few weeks ago...yeah, let's not talk about it... )... let's just say my new ring is plastic and very large. lol.

What am I doing talking about myself?! This post is about Al and Mireya (two of the kindest people in Los Angeles) and their two handsome boys. So I got to see them again this Saturday as we met along the side of the road next to a pretty popular roach coach (might have to try it one of these days). I had Mireya climbing over tree roots in her cute wedge sandals and had the whole family standing on top of a picnic table so we could get these orange flowers in the background.

Here's a little sneak peek!

the family.

introducing marcelo (love that name).

introducing daniel (3 years old but is as big as my 5 year old).

Found this stump and moved into into a nice little spot by by some flowers and flowing water (uh, I'm hoping it was a water pipe that broke that caused the stream and not some other type of pipe). I just LOVE this series of papa and son together.

cracking jokes... that's a knee-slapper Dad!

get your kleenex out mireya!

since it was such a pretty spot I thought we'd try to get in one more family shot... this is how daniel felt about that. lol. Hey, he's just being honest.

I invited everyone back home for some tamales, chips and coffee. Well, wasn't exactly planned that way, but glad we go to hang out some more! Thanks for drinking my coffee creation (had to combine a couple different coffees since I ran out of the regular stuff).

I got a few shots of little marcelo all dressed up in his birthday suit too! Leaf borrowed from earlier photo shoot location. :)



amy said...

very lovely family!!! cute boys and my fav of course is the baby boy and his leaf!!! love the legs.

Julie Cruz said...

LOL!! Love the leaf shot!!
The lash pics are gorgeous also! :)